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Found on the web: GreenCine PR site, Not found (yet): Goodbye Cruel Releasing's website

Always nice to find new, interesting & possibly relevant web sites. The find of the day is the web page for GreenCine PR. Page lists promotional info. related to GreenCine, the VOD & DVD rental by mail company (& the people who pay the bills for the #1 super fantastic happy monkey juice syrupy creme caramel film blog GreenCine Daily).

I am still trying to find the website for Goodbye Cruel Releasing. Just found out that they will be releasing Andrew Bujalski's low key charmer "Mutual Appreciation". If anyone's got the URL for the Goodbye Cruel Releasing website, lemme know. Thanksalot!



Anonymous said…
Goodbye Cruel Releasing can be contacted at
The Sujewa said…
Thanks Anonymous. I am still looking around to see if GCR has a website. But if I do have any Qs for Mr. King, will e-mail 'em.

- Sujewa

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