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Intro to DIY 2005 Film Movement



Amir Motlagh, Sujewa Ekanayake, April 2005
copyright 2005 sujewa ekanayake

DIY05 is a little film movement that Amir Motlagh & I cooked up around this time last year. Here's the basic approach of DIY05 towards indie film production & distribution:


1. No budget/ultra-low budget digital video & or film D.I.Y. production

2. Touring like punk rockers/indie rockers, self distribution

3. Providing much value to each of our worthy audience members

DIY05 principles are being put into practice right now w/ Date Number One.


Official web page (needs to be updated)

Entry 29, April 25, 2005 @ Indie Film, The World, Our Lives blog re: the weekend in which DIY05 was cooked up, at


Jacky Treehorn said…
Fun to read back through the history. What a ride eh?

The Sujewa said…
Indeed LC, indeed. And the ride is just picking up its public segment w/ the release of DNO, at least for me.

Amir's been out traveling w/ his shorts at various festivals for months.

And other DIY & touring filmmakers such as Kelley Baker & Liz Nord have been very busy last & this year.

oh the good ol' days..glad to hear about the screening news. i'm prepping up my screenings at the VC Film Fest, LA home town love, playing at the DGA..

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