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DNO Seattle '06 flashback: Moritsugu Hearts "Date Number One"

Originally published 5/22/06

Last night at Northwest Film Forum, after Jon & Amy saw "Date Number One", I asked Jon how he liked it, and he said (and this is how it will be presented in the Date Number One promo material from now on):

"I Loved It!"
- Jon Moritsugu, film director "Scumrock", "Terminal USA", "Mod Fuck Explosion", etc.

Thanks Jon & Amy for coming to the show!!!

I did a brief video interview w/ them at NWFF. I'll post some of the content in text form (maybe video form, but most likely in text form) soon.

Jon & Amy took a ferry from the island that they live in to come to the city to see my movie. Most awesome.

- Sujewa


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