Sunday, June 04, 2006

Date Number One update - current work, release plan

I am working on fine tunining the audio & image, adding some music to Date Number One at the moment.

Poster & other promo art, perhaps some merchandise design & creation will also be dealt with this month. If a significant amount of music gets used in the film, I'll create a soundtrack album. If not, perhaps the music used can be offered to people through the website, we shall see.

Here's the theatrical & DVD release plan, as it stands at the moment:

- Very Limited, DIY, theatrical* screenings - hopefully at least 60 of them (they'll be listed at the SCREENINGS page at the film's site)
- perhaps some Film fest screenings (gonna start submittin' to some fests this month)
- Limited availability of the DVD (limited only in the sense that I am not going to spend gobs of money to advertise it all over the place just yet, and a few retail & web outlets will carry the DVD this year). DVD should be available for purchase for $12 each through the STORE starting in July.
* non-theatrical venues that can accomodate a large screen will also be used for screenings - the upcoming Capital City Microcinema/Kensington Row Bookshop screening is such an event.

- Wider theatrical release, perhaps working with other distributors/a Service Deal situation
- Wider availability of the DVD (more promotion of the DVD, also more places will sell it)
- maybe some more film fest screenings

And At Some Point ('06 - '08):
- would like to get the flick on cable, will see if that can happen & when
- perhaps VOD? would like to experiment w/ this method of distribution & see what the results are

Lots to do. Talk to ya soon, see you at a screening or let me know (see contact at site or e-mail to: if you want to buy a DVD of the very fine & funny Date Number One. Thanks!

- Sujewa


David Lowery said...

I hope one of those release plans includes sending a screener my way...the HIT review has whetted my appetite even further...

The Sujewa said...

hey mr. DL,

yup, you are on the list of peeps to send a screener out to. you'll have it this month. hope all is well on your travels.

- sujewa

Jacky Treehorn said...


Excellent plan for DIY Dist.




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