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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Variety interview, IFP panel coming up :: Still not motivated to submit to festivals

Out of Wassup Rockers, Devil Wears Prada, Clerks II, Miami Vice, Scoop, the best is...

Miami Vice knocks down the "digital can't be beautiful & cinematic" argument mentions Date Number One 8/31 NYC screening

Real indie filmmaker Kelley Baker is angry at Michael Moore's fest, fake indies

Indie Features 06 is popping with info. on several excellent real indie flicks

You can NOW BUY TICKETS to the Aug 31, 9 PM NYC premiere of Date Number One! :: less than 84 seats left

Notes from inside the process of getting & promoting an indie film screening in NYC

Date Number One screening listed at Pioneer's website!

Less War, More Date Number One

Date Number One NEW YORK PREMIERE Thu Aug 31, 9 PM at Pioneer Theater!

Got a couple of characters for the next flick

a bunch of Mutual Appreciation screenings coming up

Clerks II is very funny, best Kevin Smith movie so far

Dischord promises a whole lot of new DC punk in the 2nd half of '06

Lance Weiler's awesome hybrid (DIY theatrical + DVD release w/ partner co.) approach to distributing Head Trauma

iLOOP Film Projects group for Date Number One

Saw "No More Tears Sister" last night

Handmade Fassbinder t-shirts by Jordan Mattos

Ed Burns has a new movie!? :: The Groomsmen

DNO looking at NYC

Introduce us to your favorite painters & paintings.

Actor Eclipz at Hollywood Is Talking blog

IFILM wants more trailers & video from real indie films

Takoma Park screening, Date Number One screening #9!, went well

Indie Filmmaker Questions the Value of Indie Film Festivals to Real Indie/DIY Film Projects

Date Number One screening, Thu July 13, 8:30 PM, Sangha, Takoma Park, MD

Chris Hansen's wild ride to DC to show Messiah

Former Navy SEAL & Iranian-American filmmaker Cyrus Kar sues Rumsfeld

India not cool w/ PDA, reaaallly not cool w/ gay people being alive

Fri 7/7 DIY, Indiewood, Hollywood notes: Messiah, Date, Rockers, Pirates

Stranger Than Screenwriting

Happy 4th!

Head Trauma "a true independent film"

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip