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Real indie filmmaker Kelley Baker is angry at Michael Moore's fest, fake indies

At his blog Angry Filmmaker Kelley Baker says:

" Michael Moore Can Bite Me! I just finished reading an article about Michael Moore's new film festival. "Moore Hopes Film Festival Sends Message" (AP). GIVE ME A BREAK!!! He is showing films like The Wizard of Oz, and is ending the night with a special screening of Woody Allen's new movie SCOOP. In between we are getting films by Jeff Daniels and Larry David. And let's not forget a film starring Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson. Atta boy Mike, that is INDEPENDENT!I am so sick and tired of all of these Hollywood movies acting like "Independents". Is it because they have budgets under 10 million dollars? Wow, that is "indie"!

And a few moe paragraphs of anger later, we get:

" Hey Mike! How about a film festival featuring movies made for under $100,000 with good actors that no one has ever heard of? How about lending your name and your publicity machine to actually helping REAL Independent Filmmakers? Even Sundance abandoned that approach. They must have found out that it was a lot more fun and profitable to hang with the Hiltons, and other celebrities instead of promoting an entire festival of unknown filmmakers! But at least they tried in the early days. What about you? Please stop this fucking charade that your festival is about "independents", unless of course you mean the Hollywood Corporate Independents. Then I guess you'll feel right at home."

Read all the rage over here.

And here's the link to Michael Moore's film fest, the Traverse City Film Festival. It looks interesting, even though it may not have any real indie movies (have not checked out their full list of movies yet).

Kelley Baker's most recent film Kicking Bird is very good. I screened it for about a dozen people in Kensington, MD earlier this year, almost EVERYONE in the audience loved the movie & almost everyone ended up buying a DVD of that flick & a few other Baker DVDs.

- Sujewa


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