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DNO in NYC '06 flashback - Live from Bagel Zone (around the corner from Pioneer Theater!)

Originally published 8/31/06

Got to NYC. It is a lovely day. Sleepy. 4 hour bus ride from chinatown, dc to chinatown, nyc was not that bad. eating some oatmeal, hard working lap top people are at both sides of me.

we are ready as much as we can be ready for the Date Number One NYC Premiere at Pioneer Theater tonight (9 PM).

had a nice walk from chinatown to east village.

got a nice giant orange poster for the show tonight, it should be up on the theater's door soon.

meeting up w/ sis later to get some yummy sri lankan food.

& then, the show.

will write stuff when neat stuff happens.

see ya at the show if u r coming.

- sujewa


Chris Hansen said…
well, how'd it go? looking forward to hearing the Pioneer report from you...
David Lowery said…
UPDATE! UPDATE! The suspense is killing us! And by us I mean me!

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