Friday, August 25, 2006

This week in Seattle's Real Change: Katrina survivor, transgendered policy in jails, community station KBCS, slavery scars, against death penalty

Here are the stories in this week's edition of Seattle anti-homelessness activist newspaper Real Change:

Resettled and Homesick: Tate Lazard survived Katrina only to experience a greater loss (page 1)

In Light of Katrina: City disaster-response agency adjusts approach (page 5)

The Change: Ad-hoc group pushes for transgendered policy in county jails (page 1)

Radio Static: Community station KBCS aims to balance talk, music (page 3)

Still Bearing the Scars: Interview: Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary says people of color need to tune into slavery’s aftermath (page 6)

Just Heard: schools levy split; no food at the 13 Coins; expunging the Needle Exchange from 2nd and Pike (page 3)

The Six-Ounce Problem: Tuna, America’s affordable seafood, endangers mothers and infants (page 2)

This Week’s Action: End the unfair, arbitrary death penalty

Elsewhere: Dr. Wes says the lifeless have only themselves to blame (page 9), The Iliad: the world’s greatest epic poem for the price of a sandwich (page 8), cavorting offshore in the new movie Going South (page 8)

Read the stories here.

- Sujewa

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