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New website for The Film Panel Notetaker

Congrats Brian! Here is the official press release:

Popular The Film Panel Notetaker Blog Relaunches With New Website

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Sept. 25, 2006 — The Film Panel Notetaker, the first-of-its-kind blog created in 2005 by Brian Geldin, who provides public relations services for burgeoning independent filmmakers, has relaunched with a new website,
The blog, well-regarded among independent filmmakers throughout the country, comprises detailed film panel discussion notes taken by Geldin at various panels he attends at film festivals, conferences, and seminars.

“I created The Film Panel Notetaker as a way for film industry novices, as well as veterans, to access notes at panel discussions they were not able to attend themselves,” said Geldin. “I welcome guest notetakers for panels I cannot attend myself, and I encourage anyone who attends the same panels as me to post their own notes in the blog’s ‘comments’ section.”

Last week, Geldin attended The Independent Feature Project’s (IFP) Filmmaker Conference in New York, where he took notes at several different panel discussions with topics ranging from online social networking to Netflix. He also appeared at and blogged about several film screenings held in conjunction with Independent Film Week such as A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, The Guatemalan Handshake, Head Trauma, and Four Eyed Monsters.

IFP Executive Director Michelle Byrd congratulated Geldin on his blog’s relaunch. “Many thanks for attending and being committed to sharing the information. It's really generous of you,” said Byrd.

“Geldin not only hits up all the film events, speeches, and discussions the rest of us are too lazy to attend, but he actually passes along detailed notes of all the important points and exchanges that arise,” said film journalist S.T. VanAirsdale on his blog, The Reeler (

Prior to relaunching the improved blog, The Film Panel Notetaker was hosted on MySpace. Last week alone, the The Film Panel Notetaker received an average of 90 visitors per day, and more than 500 visitors the entire week. At its highest point last week, the blog ranked 26th out of more than 1,000 other MySpace blogs in the Movies, TV, and Celebrities category.

About Brian Geldin:
Brian Geldin is an active member of the New York independent film and entertainment community, and is a member of IFP. He recently garnered national press for A.M. Peters’ NO Cross, NO Crown, a timely and engaging documentary that explores post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, a town that invented what we know as American music.


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