Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Notes on the IFP's DIY Screening Series presentation of The Guatemalan Handshake

Before I get to the link for Brian "The Film Panel Notetaker" Geldin's notes on the event, let me reflect for a moment on the rapid "re-habilitation" of the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) approach to self-distribution. Five years & more ago DIY distribution was a very unusual thing undertaken by underground filmmakers such as Jon Moritsugu or the mostly "ethnic" minority/non-"white" audience targeted projects such as The Debut or Sankofa. This year the Independent Feature Project is doing a special screening series highlighting self-distributed movies that are not specially targeted to underground or minority audiences (although The Guatemalan Handshake is not being self-distributed at the moment as far as I know - aside from film festival & special event screenings, but the series' upcoming presentations: Head Trauma & Four Eyed Monsters are definitely DIY distro projects), the Independent Film Channel's website recently wrote about DIY distribution, wrote about DIY distribution & will be writing about it in the future. So what does this mean? We are seeing the not-too-slow indiewoodization of DIY filmmaking & distribution. Not a bad thing at all for myself & other current DIY filmmakers - we get more press, except eventually, maybe soon, we will hear about multi-million dollar "DIY" movies featuring Hollywood actors, distributed by the indie arms of major studios. When that happens we will just have to come up with another label for ultra-low budget, no star, self-distributed films. Anyway, that little rant aside, here is the link to Brian Geldin's notes. Enjoy. I have not seen The Guatemalan Handshake, but am looking forward to checking it out at some point. Thanks Brian for taking the notes & sharing them with us.

- Sujewa

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