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Blogs that allow comments (at least some) are much better than ones that won't

What's the point of reading a blog if you can't comment on it? Well, I guess you can learn some interesting stuff - but one of the best/most interesting & sometimes very entertaining aspects of the blog world is the comments - for me (and I think for a lot of other people). The blog Cinecultist, however, feels differently. Cinecultist celebrates the fact that they don't allow comments and is picking on a director who dares to comment on a review published in indieWIRE. Check it out here.

So, again, comments = good, no comments = not that good, bit dull.
(I do however like the Edward Hopper image on the Cinecultist blog, another topic for another time; blog design).

Also, by allowing comments the blog owner is creating room for a community of readers to form around the blog. Makes the blog more interesting.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
Comments spam does sometimes force comments to be moderated... such as at Movie City Indie... which puts up a barrier that's annoying, but still prevents a few hundred pornographic or gambling links per day...
The Sujewa said…
Hey Ray,

How're things in Chicago (hope i am remembering yer city of residence right :)?

Yeah, comments moderation is essential. Whenever I post anything remotely controversial - specially regarding race - I get at least a couple of un-printable comments.

Yeah, I am totally cool with comments moderation. But allowing relevant or any comments is what's cool about blogs & blogging - the communication is not one way like in old media.

All right, later on.

- Sujewa

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