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Dance Party, USA starts at Pioneer tomorrow/Wed 11/15 :: Adrienne Shelly foundation

Dance Party, USA
Received a VHS tape of Dance Party, USA today. Sneaked a 10 minute look at it at work, looks pretty good: funny, real-esque, absorbing, Slacker like so far-in a good way of course, will write more about it after I watch the whole thing. In the meantime, check out this Reverse Shot post re: the flick's opening tomorrow in NYC @ Pioneer Theater (the theater's info on the flick + buy tix links).

Adrienne Shelly
Anthony Kaufman blogs about a new foundation created in memory of actress Adrienne Shelly, check it out here. And here is a recent (11/08) New York Times article with an update on Shelly's murder investigation.

- Sujewa


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