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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

If you liked Eagle vs. Shark...

Michael Tully's COCAINE ANGEL at Pioneer Theater, NYC Feb 21 - 27

nah, i think i'll go with a more pro looking cover

playing with possible ideas for DVD covers: 1 - the home made cover, front image

back of the possible DVD cover 1: the home made cover

Interview with DANCE PARTY, USA director Aaron Katz

Eagle vs. Shark review at Cinematical

Reid Rosefelt remembers Adrienne Shelly

Amir Motlagh's hot UnFamiliar Occurence indie music video

new script: kind of Repo Man & Pulp Fiction like, and the other new script: the comedy/romantic comedy

Some tips on producing DIY screenings

Spike Lee's filmography

Kevin Smith vs. Kyle Smith

1 week and 23 posts later, the Jim Jarmusch blog-a-thon comes to an end

Jim Jarmusch's short films at Jonas Mekas's site

Some love it, some hate it, Jim Jarmusch's COFFEE & CIGARETTES

Norway and the Sri Lankan terrorist group LTTE

an '05 USA TODAY article on the '85 police bombing & killing of 11 Philadelphians

back to the old green & white template

Aunt Lotte in Stranger Than Paradise is Jim Stark's Grandmother

Great article at Filmmaker about self-distributing a feature in rural areas

Day For Night blog points to text re: Jarmusch & independent film

DIY Film News Break: American Messiah review at Filmmaking for the Poor, DVD at Customflix :: Date Number One DVD coming in Feb!

Dead Man's Gary Farmer to speak at Indiana University on 2/1/07

Dead Man review at The Film Vituperatem blog

Esoteric Rabbit Blog joins the Jarmusch-a-thon with a Dead Man post

Night On Earth at Wikipedia

template change, LINKS will be back later today or early tomorrow

I was a Japanese prisoner: Screamin' Jay Hawkins in a YouTube clip

Ray Privett's Broken Flowers haiku

Forest Whitaker article at The Reeler

Mystery Train review from Washington Post

Reid Rosefelt remembers Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise breakthrough

photo of Martin Scorsese and Jim Jarmusch in Silver Spring, Maryland

photo of Jarmusch with a bunch of magnets

Link to "Ordinary Existence.../Boston Globe article" post

Jim Jarmusch's career summary (up to '02) and great interview at GreenCine

GreenCine Daily mentions the Jim Jarmusch blog-A-thon!

What's He Filming In There writes about Broken Flowers

an awesome '86 Washington Post review of Down By Law

FilmFanatic reviews Down By Law

The Films of Jim Jarmusch, The Mystery of Stranger Than Paradise :: A post in celebration of Jarmusch's birthday on 1/22.

Date Number One World Premiere Yellow T-Shirt

Coming up at this blog

Interview with Gordy Hoffman

Help Date Number One star & excellent DC actor Steve Lee get into LiveMansion The Movie

Date Number One World Premiere Magnet from CafePress

Date Number One MERCH at CafePress!

Hal Hartley & Fay Grim at Sundance - Reeler interview

The GoodTimesKid sounds interesting

Cinetastic Washington

Next DATE NUMBER ONE Screening: March 15 at Kensington Row Bookshop

Anyone self-distributing any interesting ultra-indie/high quality/low budget movies this year? Lemme know.

Eagle vs. Shark coming to theaters in June from Miramax

Idiocracy funny. Why no lots in theaters? Fox.

TV on the Telephone

low budget filmmaking tips at $1000 Spielberg blog

Re: Jarmusch's b-day being in Jan

The Reeler mentions the Jim Jarmusch Blog-a-Thon

Update on Adrienne Shelly's film Waitress

Switched to the new Blogger

Conversation with A Scanner Darkly producer Tommy Pallotta

Ghost Dog at Film Society of Lincoln Center

Am I really going to watch a 3 hour David Lynch movie that does not have a clear plot? :: INLAND EMPIRE @ AFI Silver 1/12 on, Lynch in person Sun 1/14

Eagle vs. Shark destined to become a Sundance 07 success story & make million$ if...

On YouTube: Tom Waits/"It's Alright With Me" music video by Jarmusch

Jordan Carlos on the joys of being an African-American comedian

Tryin' to get into a post-holiday jazzy productive groove

Jim Jarmusch's notes for a Ghostbusters sequel

Jarmusch B-day month post 3: Ordinary existence is enough, Boston Globe article from Down By Law period

GreenCine Daily mentions the call for the Jim Jarmusch Blog-a-Thon

Jim Jarmusch's birthday month is January - Blog-A-Thon? (perhaps on the week of 1/22 (JJ's b-day)?)

The True Economy of Skin?

Date Number One will screen in DC, LA (& hopefully NYC) this Spring

music to make you feel normal :: aaron leitko on tom waits's latest at washington city paper

Washington Post article about the "time traveling" Ethiopian born Israeli actor Sirak Sabahat, star of Live and Become :: Sabahat at Avalon tonight

Matt Zoller Seitz is writing for the New York Times

These two humans are gonna be in my next movie as leads (2 of many), new script update, DNO DVD update :: Mekas's '07 short #2

Coming in Feb: Paul Robeson: Portraits of the Artist

First 2 Jonas Mekas short films of 07 are up

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip