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After this coming week - which is the Jim Jarmusch birthday week & thus the week of the JJ Blog-a-Thon (should other bloggers decide to post some Jarmusch items), I will be writing less about general film/indie film/other stuff and writing only when a relevant Date Number One or another Wild Diner Films news item comes up. This should give me more time to get lost in the new script and also put more energy into Date Number One distribution and of course get more done at the day job - which helps with film stuff & the overall life maintenance/quality of life project. That's the latest direction for the blog. But first, something about Jim Jarmusch, coming later today!


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The Meyerowitz Stories is very good

Note - I saw the movie before the Dustin Hoffman sex assault allegations story broke.  Not sure what kind of an experience I would have had watching the movie had I knew about the allegations.

Great movie, well written, well acted.  An interesting NYC experience.
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