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Some love it, some hate it, Jim Jarmusch's COFFEE & CIGARETTES

Although I am a big fan of several Jarmusch movies, I must say that I did not connect too greatly with Coffee and Cigarettes. There are a couple of excellent segments in that movie: the one with Alfred Molina, also the final one where an old man hears classical music while he shares a cup of coffee with a friend. Here are a couple of reviews of the movie, some loved it, some hated it:

In Love with C & C:


Peter "Rolling Stone" Travers

Not So Crazy about C & C:

Film Forward

"Smug and Rather Pointless", review from the World Socialist Web Site


Now let's end this post with a link to a lengthy consideration of the movie (he likes it) by Jonathan Rosenbaum.

Regardless of the reaction to the movie, it is inspiring to see a whole feature being built on a few simple things: usually a couple of people meeting for a conversation. In that regard C & C is a valuable film for indie filmmakers to think about. It may be possible to use the C & C "format" & create some very interesting movies.

- Sujewa


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