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March 15*: first availability of Date Number One on DVD (*that being the latest & hopefully final deadline for the DVD v1 project)

Alright, it has taken foreeevveerr but we are very close to having Date Number One available for purchase on DVD. I am going to set March 15 as the new deadline for DNO DVD availability. There is a screening of the movie that day in Kensington, so it may all work out very well. Since I barely got started with theatrical in '06, the DVD, for the time being, will be available in a limited basis - mostly through my website & a few local (DC area) retail stores & a couple of web retailers. And the DVD that will be available on 3/15 will be DNO DVD v1 (version 1) - with no extras, for $12. After all of this year's theatrical screenings (i am gonna try to do 100s of theatrical screenings in '07) & perhaps some fest screenings, I will release another version of the DVD - the version 2 - with oodles of extras, in '08. The reason being that I want the theatrical self-distribution story of the movie to be reflected in the DVD extras, and at this point it is way too soon to do that. The '08 DVD will cost a bit more than $12 I think, so those who get it now will get the essential thing - the movie - for a little less $s. Also, post-'07 theatrical, the '08 DVD will be pushed through a lot more retail venues. Anyway, quite a few things to finish up on the DVD, so I will be blogging very little from now until the DVD is ready on 3/15. Check out some of the links on the right in the meantime. Thanks & talk to ya soon!

- Sujewa


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