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Day jobs & the DIY filmmaker

I've got a pretty cool day job - at a used & rare bookstore in a very pretty town. But, making a feature length film and distributing it racks up some expenses. At some point in the near future, maybe this year, it seems possible to not only make a profit from the film project but also maybe cut back some on the day job work with the help of $s coming in from distributing the film. But, for the present moment, there are many bills to pay & more racking up every month.

So I had an interview for another day job today. A very good one for a filmmaker & film enthusiast like myself. And it comes with good health benefits. I'll know in a couple of days if I got it. Either way, the search for more day job work is on.

Now, some filmmakers may dread having day jobs or may want to do only film work for a living, but I kind of like the freedom that having a non-film day job (or two) brings. Of course the goal is to make a living from making & distributing exactly the kind of movies that I want to make, but that takes time. Everything about filmmaking & distribution takes time. Specially if you are doing it on a low/"no" budget. So it helps to be patient.

In '07/this year, even if I have to work 1.5 - 2 day jobs (either 1 Full Time & 1 Part Time or 2 FT), I should still be able to: 1) get the Date Number One DVD out well (including advertising it, submitting it for reviews & other publicity opportunities), 2) do the July 12 - 18 one week run of DNO in Kensington well (meaning very well publicized), and 3) do a good job producing the September 6-9 film festival - the Kensington Real Independent Film Festival (KRIFF). And having the day jobs will make it definitely possible for me to have all my debt under control & have some extra money for fun stuff (like watching a whole bunch of movies :). Oh, I also need to shoot at least one new feature this year, so we'll file that under the fun stuff. The new feature will be item 4 for the film 2-do list for '07. And I need to finish writing several new feature scripts, item 5. And DNO needs to be submitted to theaters for bookings, and also some fests for maybe screenings & publicity - item 6: all types of screenings.

It is going to be a busy year.

And if I pull the 6 film related projects & the day job work off smoothly this year, next year should be better all around - film productivity, publicity & general earnings wise.

Day jobs, patience & a lot of work are the DIY filmmaker's friends. All the work is worth it since I am getting movies done & out.

- Sujewa


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