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One Date Number One review that won't be in the press packet

Yes, having your film reviewed by someone who totally didn't dig anything about it can be very amusing, check out Lucas McNelly's review of Date Number One for his uber-indie project, at the 100 Films blog. Of course getting positive reviews all last year, pretty much all of the 5 reviews from last year: & the majority of the audience feedback at screenings, were positive, & that helps in dealing with negative reviews. Mild amusement aside, Lucas's review will be staying far away from the Date Number One press packet.

- Sujewa


lucas mcnelly said…
well, hopefully you can take something positive from it other than amusement
The Sujewa said…
that's going to be difficult, but perhaps not impossible. but, thanks for checking out the movie lucas, & since movies are art/entertainment, excellnce is largely a matter of taste, so, i am not too worried about reviewers who don't dig the movie at all. that's going to happen. taking stuff like that too seriously is not healthy, thus, being amused by negative reviews is a good way for me to go. re: DNO, there isn't much I would do differently on it if I had to make it all over & had an unlimited budget & all the time in the world & any cast & crew members I wanted from anywhere on the planet, I am very happy with it as it is - the kind of work that it became.

- sujewa

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