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Let's show some appreciation to good/favorite internet film reviewing & criticism: ChuckTryon regularly delivers well written reviews

Now that the dust has settled re: last week's debate on the state of internet film criticism & review, I am thinking that as excellence in cinema is ultimately a matter of taste, perhaps excellence in film criticism is also a matter of taste. Film is definitely art, but is film criticism also art? Is journalism art; and is film criticism more journalism/reportage than the creative sharing of one's impressions regarding a movie - a work of art/entertainment? All interesting items to think about, but for the moment let's celebrate the work of a good internet film reviewer: Chuck Tryon.

[Full disclosure; I started paying a lot of attention to Chuck's writing after he attended the World Premiere of my movie Date Number One a year ago (something that i did not expect him to do since he was a Catholic U. media professor & my film had absolutely zero - media, press, etc. wise - going for it at the time besides my own DIY promotional work at this blog) & then wrote one of my favorite reviews of the movie thus far. I like that review because it made me think about related things that I was not thinking too much about when I wrote the movie (life in cities, the anti-Crash quality are two of the things). And Chuck took the film & the ideas in it seriously, even though the film is an ultra-low/"no"-budget, no-stars, self-distributed with a "no" budget affair without any stamps of approval from film festivals & (at that time) no other critical attention. That I think is the best a filmmaker can expect from a reviewer: thoughtful attention to the work. Now that that's done, let's move on to the work in discussion.]

I just read many of Chuck's reviews from 2003 until yesterday - May 12, 2007 SEE THEM HERE, and I would have to say that Chuck consistently delivers very good to excellent film reviews (for my taste). The reviews impart a love for the medium as opposed to a general disdain for it & its creators (& Chuck's often on the indie side of the street), and an open, inquisitive, curious and humane approach to both the worlds depicted in the movies and ideas related to those worlds.

If you have any favorite internet reviewers, list , link to & talk about them below in Comments. Remember; the ones you LIKE, not HATE- this is the INTERNET FILM REVIEWERS APPRECIATION WEEK! :)

- Sujewa


Chuck said…
Thanks, Sujewa. I'm certainly going to continue writing about films, but how I write and how often I write may change.

I like supporting the indie scene where I can, but I feel like I have to concentrate my energies elsewhere right now.
The Sujewa said…
Sounds good Chuck, will check yer blog in the coming weeks to see what the new areas of focus & the new style of writing re:films may be.

- Sujewa

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