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Yeah, after reading this paragraph, I am going to have to go see Nancy Drew

While electronically leafing through the morning blogs, I ran across J. Hoberman's Village Voice review of the new teen movie Nancy Drew (thanks GreenCine Daily for the link), and this paragraph made me laugh for like 5 minutes:

"In some respects, Fleming's two-track approach recalls the old Jay Ward cartoons—Crusader Rabbit, Rocky & Bullwinkle, George of the Jungle, et al. Nancy herself resembles one of Ward's heroic nerds or super-smarties, spreading goodness as she single-handedly unravels a sinister cabal. Her character is inoculated against insufferability by the addition of a squat, amorous 12-year-old (Josh Flitter), playing a whiny Sancho Panza to Nancy's brainiac Quixote. "I wonder who tried to kill us?" she muses after a speeding SUV nearly flattens them. "I'm wondering too," he replies. "In fact, I'm kind of freaking out about it!!" "

Read the entire review here.

That's some good writing J. Hoberman, & whoever wrote that scene & dialogue in the movie. Looking forwards to checking out the flick even though it is not indie, real indie, DIY or foreign & even though its for the kids (the real kids, not "kids" like me). Drew sounds like a funny & well made & interesting/entertaining movie.



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