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1st annual iW blogs page blogger meet up in NYC this summer?

So I read all these bloggers every day of the year, and I am always looking for a good excuse to visit NYC, so, what do all the people who are a part of the indieWIRE blogs page think about meeting up for a live event/party/whatever in NYC one night this summer?

Let me know if any or all of you want to do it. It might be fun. And of course we can blog about it :) - with photos!

If at least 10 of the iW bloggers are interested I'll go ahead & buy my Chinatown bus ticket.


7/27 UPDATE: See the post re: The Secret Lives of NYC Indie Film Bloggers.

- Sujewa


karina said…
I'd be up for it. I'm always looking for an excuse to leave my house.
Aavarnum said…
I'm always down for a pah-tee, though probably doing this during a festival or something would be inviting for others. During the IFP Market perhaps?
BNewmanSBoard said…
Depending on the date chosen, I'd join you.
Tom said…
Would always be up for it. Back in the city after August 7.
Pamela said…
Even though I haven't been "ordained" by indiewire as an iw blogger (don't expect to be at this point), I am based in NYC and would love to be a part of this, if it happens. :)
The Sujewa said…
Sure thing Pamela. Other NYC based film bloggers are invited,of course, more the merrier.

If the thing is happening, will post info.about where & when.

- Sujewa
The Sujewa said…
Thanks a lot for all the quick responses everyone.

There are still many iw bloggers that I need to contact directly re: this, only contacted like 3 last night (too close to bed time ).

Please spread the word re: this proposed event if you happen to talk/e-mail w/ any iW bloggers.

NEXT TASK: Suggest dates, times & venues.

I guess a PM start time for the event would be good right? Like 7 or 8 PM? Maybe earlier.

Also we need a place to meet. A restaurant, cafe, maybe even a movie theater cafe/restaurant - a place that can accomodate 10-20 people easily.

Also, let me know if doing this event during the IFP Market is a good idea or if it is better to do this on another, less eventful day.
I think maybe the later is better since people will probably be busy during the IFP Market (when is that? need to look it up) blogging about the event.

- Sujewa

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