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Another bunch of happy Date Number One audience members , 7/12 - 18 run day 2 notes

Showed the movie again tonight, not many people in attendance (about 10) but the ones who were there enjoyed the movie a lot, were all smiles after the show. I think I need to come up with new & massive ways to promote screenings, hmmmmm. Let's see what Saturday's turn out is.

Number of ticket sales is a problem for the distributor in me (or the distributor-in-training let's say :), but the positive reactions to the movie are definitely a massive reward for the filmmaker in me. I've got a good film, now ways must be devised to spread the word of screenings widely & fast.

Also, City Paper placed my ad in the museums section. Not happy with that, will have to talk to the CP about it. I guess it is nice to be listed with places that show art, but the more appropriate place for the ad was among other ads for movies.

Regardless of minor problems mentioned above, very happy with DNO and am glad that the 7/12 - 18 run is happening.

- Sujewa


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