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Benefit events for John Stabb (played the ninja character in Date Number One)

Julia Stemper on L, John Stabb Schroeder on R, a scene from Date Number One. Photo Copyright 2006 Sujewa Ekanayake/Wild Diner Films

Date Number One actor (ninja in story 1 of DNO) & long time musician John Stabb Schroeder was seriously injured in mid-July from a random assault by 5 criminals (who will all hopefully meet some horrible fate soon) in John's neighborhood. The good news is that John is OK, recovering from surgery at the moment, but the bad news is that there are big medical bills to pay. So a few friends of John have organized some benefit events, get the info. here.

The 1st benefit concert is happening this Friday 8/10 at the Velvet Lounge in DC. More info. here. Here is the current line up for the show, from Velvet Lounge's site:
Dave Smalley (ex-Dag Nasty/Down By Law), Marc Ganancias , The Saviors, Pup Tent , Lorelei (Slumberland), Jerry Busher (of FUGAZI / French Toast/ All Scars)
Related: Zuo Press is using proceeds from the sales of their book Going Underground: American Punk 1979 - 1992 to help John with his medical bills. More info. on that here.

People who want to assist John can also donate through Pay Pal, link on this page.

Hope you fully recover soon John. All your fans from your work in DNO want our favorite "ninja who goes on blind dates" actor to be in good health, no doubt.

- Sujewa


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