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Ghosts of the Heartland playing Wed 8/22, 9 PM, New Filmmakers @ Anthology Film Archives, NYC

This movie Ghosts of the Heartland sounds interesting. From New Filmmaker's site:

Allen Blumberg GHOSTS OF THE HEARTLAND (2006, 80 Minutes, 35MM)
It's 1952, the McCarthy era is at its peak and big city reporter, Roland Lu, is returning to his hometown of Millville. When Roland arrives in town he finds that the Chinese community is experiencing persecution similar to the early stages of the Jewish experience in 1930's Germany. Roland fears that his old nemesis, McCarthyite thug, Frank Dugan is behind a plot to steal land from the Chinese., the way he did twenty years earlier from native Americans. Roland suffers from a bad case of racial self-hatred. His old girlfriend Liz, fears he will sell out the Chinese to write his big story, to win the Pulitzer, so he can be accepted into white society. Either way, Roland will have to take on Frank Dugan..."

Here's the film's website, for more info.

Wed. 8/22, 9 PM at
New Filmmakers at
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Ave.
New York, NY 10009

- Sujewa


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