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Impressions of Gen DIY event & blogger meet up at Still In Motion blog :: Also, what I did at the Meet Up

Even though Pamela does not call the historically significant event - The iW Blogger/Indie Film Blogger NYC Meet Up #1 - by it's name, there are some good details of the fun had in the second half of her post.

My own impressions of the Meet Up:
First, I expected it to be not attended very well - only by like 5 or so people, or just me & Brian Geldin. But, I was pleasantly surprised to see close to 20 bloggers & filmmakers in the room (back room at Botanica bar) at one point during the night & also to see NYC indie film press heavy weights such as Eugene Hernandez of indieWIRE fame & ST Van AirsDale of The Reeler fame at the event. And of course let's not forget Matt Zoller Seitz from New York Times & The House Next Door. I spent the 2 hours or so at the Meet Up going around & saying hello to pretty much everyone - trying to be a good host, and got into some relatively long conversations with some of the bloggers present. Hmmm, I think I'll continue this when I publish my photos from the event tomorrow or Mon (there's like 30 photos!), so, illustrated notes coming soon.

Overall I was very, very happy with the event. And I look forward to announcing Meet Up #2 next year, same month (most likely) - in August '08 in NYC (exact date to be determined with Mr. Hernandez's help, and after that we'll pick a venue). Next time there will be name tags, also SWAG, also maybe more light, and coffee, & net access so that we can blog from the event! Also maybe the event should happen earlier in the day. Maybe the next Meet Up will be more like a conference & lunch & visit to a spa type event than a bar party.

- Sujewa


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