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2 Actors At A Diner After An Audition :: Use of this blog

Is the working title of the new short that I am making in collaboration with a few DC area filmmakers, more here.


I think this is how this blog will be used in the future; to point to significant posts at Wild Diner Films blog (my regular blog these days). The day to day updates on projects will be at Wild Diner Films blog - while this blog will be used to promote certain items/important items at that blog; since posts on this blog gets carried on iW's blogs page & thus has the chance of being read more widely. Most likely I will post here a couple of times a week at most. Also, non-WDF stuff, like the Water Flowing Together interview that I still need to transcribe, will be posted here. So I guess this blog is only semi-retired.

- Sujewa


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