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What you can do to help Burma - from US Campaign for Burma website

From US Campaign for Burma website:

" Show Your Solidarity With the Saffron Revolution

We are working on bringing in as many world leaders, celebrities, news agencies on board with this story, but you need to play your part as well. It will not just be Americans working for this, but a global movement as well.

Starting this Wednesday (September 26th) we will begin a global week of ACTION. With an explosion of action we will make sure that everyone from world leadersto your next door neighbors have their eyes focused on Burma. Having this global focus will not only help in the protection of those demonstrating, but also make sure that the calls of the monks and civilians gets turned into international action.


- Be a part of our 88,000 signatures campaign. I am asking people to collectively gather 88,000 signatures from around the world, calling on Chinese President Hu Jintao to compel Burma towards valid national reconciliation. Sign the petition here online: Click Here

OH BUT WAIT... you don't get off to so easy. Download the petition from our website and get hundreds and thousands of people to sign it. We're going for 88,000 remember.Download Petition Here

Once you have your petition filled out with your thousands of names, please send it back to the USCB office and we will deliver all the signatures to the Chinese Embassy: Here is our address: 1444 N St NW, Suite A2, Washington DC 20005

- Hold a Saffron Supporting Event.. It doesn't matter whether you live in a major city or not, you can still organize an event. These can be a powerful tool to raise awareness in your home town, and millions of eyes on Burma is eactly what we need with the military on the verge of a violent crackdown. You can organize a march, candle light vigil, or get creative and do any sort of action that will work for you and your community. Global Events are occuring this next week and I want the US to be well represented. Sign up to hold an action in your town here: Click Here to Sign Up

- Donate to USCB: We are running at full steam and are in strong need of financial assistance. Click Here to Donate

- Create a YouTube video for the Republican presidential debates asking them what what they will do to help Burma:

Thank you all for your work, and please let me hear from you on what you are doing-

Download Info Sheet on China's Support of the Burmese Regime : Click Here

Download an info flyer that you can then print and pass out to people who want to know: Click Here

Download our "This is Not a Game" Flier (Designed by Brian Hurst): Click Here"

Find out more about US Campaing for Burma here.

- Sujewa


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