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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Questions sent to Mrs. Clinton's campaign re: her recent comments about the LTTE

Is Hillary Clinton fine with suicide bombing, use of child soldiers & blowing up heads of state ???!!!!????

Can anyone identify this sci-fi monster movie?

Beautiful fall day, 10/30 update on all things

Darryl from The Office

Ed Burns's latest feature Purple Violets will be available through iTunes

Kurt Cobain About A Son opens in DC on Fri 10/26 :: Great review of pic at Washington Post

2 down 298 to go OR I expect it to take about 5 years to complete all 6 of the 50 short films series

Filmed Kensington short #1: Rock Collection

50 Short Films About Kensington & Related Projects

Warhol's World at Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NY 10/20-11/11/07

Mindy Kaling interview at Radar Online :: Kaling's blog

Made a short called Dimensional Portal

Confessions of a film festival judge

Videomaker blog

Why Did I Get Married? sounds a little like The Celebration or The Big Chill

Next 2 Weeks

laffs enducing surreal signs

First Lady vs. Burmese junta; Washington Post article

The Onion on new indie film Far Above The Jiffy Lube, The Stars of Phoenix Shine

3 new blogs by 2 minority lady filmmakers

Jarmusch short Int. Trailer. Night

Darjeeling OK :: CNN article mentions Anderson's duck-hunting boots

Francesco Uboldi's Burma films: On the Road to Bagan, The Burmese Fable, Waiting

Is this year 2007 or 200,007?

Undercover in Rangoon

Saw Finishing the Game, excellent movie, it kicks (well, you know)

Notes from candle light vigil for Burma :: DIY film lessons for activism :: Impossibilities and indie film

About A Son theatrical action; NYC & LA now, soon elsewhere

Candle Light Vigil for Burma - Sun 10/7, Intl. Buddhist Center, Wheaton, MD

video link for US Senate hearing on Burma's Saffron Revolution

Plexifilm is releasing a doc about a Chinese punk band

The mythical king Ravana was apparently a real ruler in ancient Sri Lanka :: Ancient rock inscriptions translated

The indie box office issue

Stallone re: Burmese junta's violence against the Karen: "This is full scale genocide."

DC APA Film Fest Blogs

Daily Mail: thousands massacred in Burma, bodies dumped in jungles, & a defection

Karen rebels reportedly killed 4 Burmese soldiers

a couple of dc musicians talking at a museum in nyc

US Campaign for Burma calls for boycott of 2008 Olympics in China