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Questions sent to Mrs. Clinton's campaign re: her recent comments about the LTTE

I blogged about this item previously (the link is in the question below), and here is the follow-up, my questions to Hillary Clinton's campaign (sent through their website) re: her recent comments re: the terrorist group LTTE:


My questions are re: Mrs. Clinton's recent comment re: the terrorist group the LTTE in Sri Lanka (made at a Guardian Unlimited interview, I blogged about it here:

The questions:

1 - Does Mrs. Clinton know about the nature of the LTTE (the fact that they are clearly a terrorist group & have been banned in many countries, etc.)?

2. If elected President, does Mrs. Clinton plan on removing the LTTE from the list of terrorist groups banned by the US government?

Thank you.

- Sujewa Ekanayake"

Looing forward to Mrs. Clinton's or the campaign's response.

- Sujewa


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