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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Film Movement's Le Grand Voyage

Paisan sounds interesting

This guy is a rock star in Pakistan

Ramin "Chop Shop" Bahrani interview :: Chop Shop description

Galaxy Quest deleted scenes from YouTube

Alex "Midnight Kiss" Holdridge interview at Film Threat

Humanists to honor Golden Compass author

Flip Video camera: $180, YouTube friendly

Purple Violets trailer :: flick available from iTunes now

Ed Burns interview re: Purple Violets/iTunes at MovieMaker

thanksgiving day indigent film clip

Hollywood actors to appear in Speechless web video campaign to support the WGA

Bamboo Laptop

go DIY young screenwriter, sayz one media professional

A Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, SXSW selected mainstream accessible comedy by an acclaimed indie director opens in ONLY 1 THEATER...(WTF!???)

Why'd you bury "Smiley Face" First Look? :: Director Greg Araki interview at indieWIRE

WGA responds to the AMPTP newspaper ad

Clip-O-Rama: Day For Night, Irma Vep, Living In Oblivion, Bowfinger

A scene from Casablanca, if there were no writers

Mark Andreessen says long guild strikes & current web developments could lead to Hollywood being rebuilt in the shape of Silicon Valley

Perhaps a quick way to explain to the general public why residuals are an essential part of screenwriter compensation?

Variety's WGA Strike Blog

Why the striking writers are right

Strike Swag

funny even when they are striking: The Office team

Not A Word ad from WGA

Update on my film projects

New Indie Film Movements waiting to happen?

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers & The Princess of Nebraska reviews at Variety

lots of WGA strike photos at Flickr

Notes from a DIY filmmaking class taught by Jon Moritsugu

Superman lectures Ghostrider about his smoking addiction

Bigger than Texas & California combined, only about 11 million people, peaceful, got gold, uranium & oil (& giraffes :): NIGER

awesome, a new Jim Jarmusch movie! :)

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip