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maybe little dissolves will do the trick on DNO :: January '08 $0 - $1K feature project: "Bears"

Little Dissolves

The final version of Date Number One has been done for a while, but I am still iffy about the many jump cuts. I like the jump cuts, do not want to replace them with traditional/match cuts, but maybe the weirdness can be smoothed over (without totally losing the weirdness) a tiny bit by turning the jump cuts into little, fast dissolves, will have to try it out tonight.


"Bears" (working title)

1. I think bears are funny. The actual animal and many ideas related to the animal.

2. I want to try to shoot a new feature in January '08.

3. I don't want to spend a lot of money on this feature because that would mean more debt. Debt is bad.

4. I think I can keep the budget under $1K (meaning as close to $0 as possible) & still create a very entertaining & loopy comedy with beautiful videography & sound.

5. Nothing more on "Bears" until the movie is done. Also no more on Date Number One until the DVD is ready for sale.

Happy New Year to all in case I don't get to blog again until after the 1st (& of course Merry X-mas since today is X-mas eve day).

'08 might be pretty awesome.

- Sujewa


shanethall said…
There's a lot of talk about raising budget and diy filmmaking on ashoe string. Go to they've just launched to help diy filmmakers raise their budgets...think you and everyone that is interested in this site will fall in love with indie mav and hopefully get the budgets to make your films.

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