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Message from Pete Middleton, director of "$200 feature" Driftwood

An e-mail I received through a local filmmaking group, re: ultra-low budget (very, very ultra low i hear) feature Driftwood:

"I've just finished authoring to DVD, a full-length feature film that I
made for a 100 pounds! (approx. 200 dollars!)

Of-course this message is going out to all the film-makers who already
have their BASIC equipment ready, including a standard DV camera, a PC
and to those who aren't bothered about re-using a few of their DV
tapes! If you would like any free help, advice or have any further
questions in regards to how I achieved Driftwood, including any
pre-production or post production problems, please feel free to email
me at:

What's the catch? If you find any of my advice useful or if you
simply enjoy the clips of my low budget film below, please subscribe
to my movies whilst you are visiting my youtube channel! (Due to the
vast amount of emails I am currently receiving, please allow 2 to 3
days for me to reply!)

See an extract:

See the trailer:

My full channel can be found at the link below and features making of
documentaries, etc.

Pete Middleton - Director"

Check out the Driftwood links (or look at my previous post for the YouTube trailer for the flick), very interesting - looking forward to finding out more about how the film was made for $200.

- Sujewa


$200 bucks!?!

The trailer looks fantastic, honestly just can't believe how good it looks.

$200 bucks! Amazing.

I honestly can't believe how incredible the trailer looks!


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