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Law student makes bigfoot movie!

Well, there's my attempt to write an appropriate intro title to a post about Bloody Disgusting's interview with the director of Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie. Maybe the post title needs some work. Anyway, from the interview:

"David: I know you're in law school and was wondering what prompted your jump into film making.

Jay: Well, I've been interested in film making since I was a teenager. And really, since then, I've been making movies. Bigfoot is the first feature I've made. So, my interest in film predates my interest in law school and law. But, the interesting thing about NOT YOUR TYPICAL BIGFOOT MOVIE is that it grew out of a short film I made back in 2001. I made it on some really crappy equipment, it was like the family camcorder. And I always wanted to try and get back to story and treat it with a little more time and a little more care and even some better equipment. In 2005, we started production. Actually, October 2005."

More here.

Site for Bigfoot Movie.

Bigoot Movie trailer:

- Sujewa


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