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Web site for "Prabhakaran", Sri Lankan film about the war

The new film Prabhakaran has been getting a lot of press attention in Sri Lanka & India long before its release due to its subject matter & perceived approach by the director. The director Thushara Peries recently survived being attacked by a mob in India. The Sri Lankan government screened the film last month and approved its release. This week a Sri Lankan Tamil politician asked Indian Tamil politicians not to oppose the release of the movie (the release prints are at the moment being held at a lab in India). The film is named after the leader of the Tamil terrorist group LTTE, and the director of the film is described as a moderate, non-communal Sinhala (the war in Sri Lanka, at this point, is between the LTTE - a militant separatist group from the Tamil minority - and the Sri Lankan government - an organization that represents a multi-ethnic but mostly Sinhala population). Here is a description of the film, using some of director Peries's own words, from a Sunday Times - Sri Lanka article:

" "Prabhakaran is probably the first film made on the ongoing war in Sri Lanka that devoured thousands of lives. Who is to be blamed for this tragic situation? The Sinhalese or the Tamils are not to be blamed for the war. They are only caught in the midst of the conflict and subject to misery," says a write up by the filmmakers.

It discusses the story of a suicide bomber "who escaped from LTTE's clutches and shows how he was being pushed to the extreme end.

"The idea of the movie is to give a new meaning to the three-decade-old conflict and to look at it from an unbiased angle-- from the side of human beings. Human lives should be valued above all," says the write up.

Filmmaker Thusgara Peiris says his 'Prabhakaran' is a movie on terrorism and had nothing to do with politics.

Peiris, who studied filmmaking in Rome, said the lives of the LTTE cadres who did not want to be part of the terror killing influenced him to make the film."

Read that & other articles regarding the film at the NEWS section of Prabhakaran's site.

There is a trailer for the film at the site.

- Sujewa


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