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Hmmm, what would Jonathan Rosenbaum do? :: The Long Weekend (o'Despair) review link

I am all for, 'cause now when I have to write a review of some movie, and I can't quite put to words certain impressions regarding that movie, I can ask myself "self, what would Jonathan Rosenbaum do at a moment like this?" and then proceed to answer my own question by visiting Rosenbaum's site - featuring many reviews by him; with, no doubt, plenty of examples on translating feelings regarding images and sounds into precisely useful review words.


Check out Rosenbaum's review of a $5,000 Greg Araki movie called The Long Weekend (o'Despair); a flick so DIY even I haven't seen it (yet).

Thanks GreenCine Daily for the Rosenbaum site link.

- Sujewa


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