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Slow but exciting move; will be in NYC on the weekends starting June 28

Since I now live only 4 hours or so, on the bus, from NYC, I don't really have to pack up everything & make a big move all at once to NYC; I can do it gradually, & hopefully less painfully. Step 1: weekends. Thanks to friends, things are now set for me to start living in NYC PT - mostly weekends, & maybe 3-4 days on some special weeks, starting around June 28. I hope to make living in NYC a full time thing by the end of the year, or earlier. And since MD/DC will be only 4 hours/$20 or so away when that happens, it shouldn't be too traumatic. Looking forward to exploring NYC, hanging out, meeting new people, and making movies in a new city, starting June 28.

- Sujewa


PR_GMR said…
Congratz on making the move. From my visits to NYC last year, the city is a fantastic, stimulating experience. I'm now ambivalent about making the move myself in the near future since I've some unfinished business in MD/DC, but I don't doubt I'll be living in NYC at some point in the future.
Congrats! The city is one big backlot of free locations for you to use. Welcome! We'd love to have you!
The Sujewa said…
Thanks C & C; looking forward to hanging out in the NYC & making new film friends, & shooting some stuff of course. We'll hang out this summer or fall in NYC.

- Sujewa

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