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June - December '08

Between this month - June - and December 15 or so, I need to get a DVD out, do some screenings, & make a new movie or two; so, I think a lot of my blogging for the next few months will happen, as things get done, at:

Wild Diner Films blog

Date Number One '08 site/blog

Actress Movie site/blog

Capital City Microcinema site/blog

With major items being linked to from this blog or being mentioned at this blog in some length.

When the weather gets cold & or when things slow down for the year end holidays, I should be back blogging a lot once again at this blog; covering all kinds of indie film & other stuff.

Of course will blog about SilverDocs '08 when the fest happens later this month.

Other than that, will be busy with lots of WDF stuff while the weather is good.

See ya around.

- Sujewa


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