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Back from the land where all the waitresses are from Russia & all the indie film bloggers live in Brooklyn

While in NYC earlier today I eat at two restaurants; one in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn. The servers I had at both restaurants were from Russia; good people - talked about the war over there with one while I eat (was running short on time at the 2nd place, no time for small talk).

All the NYC bloggers I interviewed for Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, except for two (Geldin in Queens, VanAirsdale in Manhattan), live in Brooklyn. I also know of several other bloggers that live in Brooklyn. It is possible that most of the blogs you read today were written by writers living in Brooklyn - it's the Brooklyn Renaissance 2008 style baby (the Brooklyn Digital Renaissance?). Filmed the very final blogger interview for the doc this afternoon - with Anthony Kaufman - guess where?

More on the trip tomorrow, with photos & links, after I get some sleep.

Thanks a lot Vamoose bus for a quick ride to & back from NYC. Vammose folds space, they have the spice.

- Sujewa


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