Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Nah, absolutely needing $200K to make an indie/real indie/DIY movie is an artificial/unnecessary requirement

Barack Obama - Closing Argument (full speech)

Hot little doc fest in Silver Spring, MD wants you

My next fiction feature will cost $200K from script to DVD

No Brooklyn this weekend

There might be a little private Indie Film Blogger Road Trip doc viewing party on Sat eve/night in Brooklyn

There may be good reasons to not like Ballast, but the fact that a "white" director made it should not be one of them

Success Driven Happiness of Galactica, Recognition of Beauty in Ordinary Existence Driven Happiness of Mystery Train, Spinoza's guide to happiness

Saw Mongol


Gave in finally & started a Facebook page

Tomb of general who partially inspired Gladiator found

The Gaius Baltar Appreciation Society, Presidential race & Galactica video

Film One Track Mind premieres on Facebook

From a Battlestar Galactica episode to the subject of gun control & genocide

Rooftop Films at

Mentioned in guidebook Washington, DC From A to Z

Very long Ann Hornaday article about indie film in today's Washington Post

Nice short

Yeast is funny (in its own way)

The 400 Blows, Down By Law Criterion DVDs - Used/Like New - for sale at Amazon

Orphans trailer

Some music to keep the economic depression away

Early 90's indie film flashback: Slacker on Hulu

Nardwuar vs. Ian MacKaye

Orphans review at Hammer to Nail

Health Insurance for Artists

For all you Charlie Brown, Wes Anderson & specially Bill Melendez fans

Link to Obama campaign created 13+ min. doc/ad on McCain/Keating/S&L crisis of the 80's

Not sure what exactly Truly Free Film is...

Woodstock Film Festival 2008 Award Winners

Message of Jesus is not about shooting wolves from an airplane

Religulous trailer

Trading Bows and Arrows for Laptops

Moving adventures in Kensington, MD & Brooklyn, NY

Now let's hear a bit from an old indie filmmaker from the old world