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Footage of people in Gaza getting killed by Israeli bombing

Well, since most people won't forget having their land taken from them AND since most people are not comfortable having rockets fired at them, the war between the Israelis & the Palestinians are probably going to be eternal unless a UN sanctioned peace keeping force goes in to the area and keeps the two people from killing each other - little children, old women, all manner of inncocent people - on both sides - included. The other option is do nothing & one side will kill every member of the other side - most likely, eventually (or, there is the very slim chance of peace breaking out in that area, very slim). Here is some footage of the latest wave of killing:


Sumon Bangadesh said…
Its a devastrating attack by Israeli. It possible only because of their barbarinism. I extrely contemn the barbarian attack. Its a huse masacare. They(Israeli) kinda beast.

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