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Pretty good Day 1 for the blogger doc clip

The 9 minute clip of Indie Film Blogger Road Trip posted on YouTube early Saturday (yesterday) morning got mentioned in Filmmaker Magazine blog, GreenCine Daily, and a couple of other blogs (see links here) yesterday and the clip received over 100 views on YouTube - which I am really happy with as the Day 1 # of views (if we can sustain at least 10% of that # of views everyday for rest of '08 & all of '09 I think that would be a very good start in getting the word out about the doc).

A trailer, a study guide, updated poster & other art are all coming soon to Indie Film Blogger Road Trip land.

- Sujewa


SolShine7 said…
I watched the first 9 minutes. Nice idea! I'm glad someone is documenting this subject.

p.s. I found you via The Obenson Report.
The Sujewa said…
Thanks SolShine7 - glad you liked what you saw.

- Sujewa

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