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Show went well last night, more screenings of IFBRT in the works...

Just got a couple of out-of-town guests on their way (they came up for IFBRT premiere last night), & after I take a nap will post pics from the event last night at Anthology. Great show, great venue & staff, & thanks a lot to everyone who came out for the event (yes, including Mike Tully, check out his hilariously negative review of the flick here), stayed for the Q & A.

A March or April screening of IFBRT in NYC is in the works, will have details in a week or so.

At this point there are also Maryland/DC, Massachusetts, & quite possibly Atlanta, GA screenings of the doc in the works for '09. More details as I get them.

Anyway, AM nap time, be back.

- Sujewa


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