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Tambay Obenson renews his call for an autonomous Black owned & operated film studio

Check out the post at The Obenson Report (where Tambay links to his original article that was posted on an NPR site).

However, in 2009, what exactly is a studio? Every aspect of the motion picture production & distribution industry can be hired or rented to produce or distribute a film or several films at whatever scale the client wants to work on (from a small art house type release - something several indie filmmakers have done with service deals - to releasing a movie on 3000 theaters using distribution services rented from other companies - as George Lucas does). So, maybe all anyone or any group of people who wants to behave as a "film studio" needs is the money to hire the services that they need in order to make & distribute films on the desired scale. And after that, or if it is somehow better to do it that way or if not enough movie theaters exist for their product, a company or organization could build new theaters, new distribution networks, etc.

So, the goal of creating a Black owned & operated studio in 2009 is not that difficult to do (provided you raise the money necessary to work on a Hollywood scale if that is what your goal is, otherwise you can work on a smaller scale - equal to the amount of money & other resources that can be gathered at present, & then build the business from there to the ultimate desired level).

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…

There is one. A HUGE one.

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