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All the rules & secrets re: indie film & film festivals to be revealed on 4/17 in Atlanta!

How's that headline as an attempt to make an informative (probably) discussion sound ultra-dramatic?

I am heading down to Atlanta for a few days in a week & a half or so to check out the Atlanta Film Festival (4/16 - 25), and the following discussion is one that I plan on attending - I've heard about both books & authors, and the 4/17 event would be a good opportunity to catch up with them:

" Friday, April 17, 4:00- 5:00 PM

The Film Festival Circuit: A discussion with authors Heidi Van Lier (The Indie Film Rule Book) and Chris Holland (Film Festival Secrets).

Participants include: Heidi Van Lier, Director, Chi Girl
Chris Holland, Manager Of Festival Operations, B-side"

For more about ATLFF discussion events, go here.

- Sujewa


Christopher said…
Thanks for the plug, I'll see you in Atlanta! - Chris

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