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Feed off soon

I want to start using this blog a little differently, so, the feed going out from here will be cut off soon, meaning, if you read this blog primarily at indieWIRE's blogs page or at another place that uses the feed, you may want to bookmark the blog if you want to read stuff here in the future - once the Feed is off the posts will not be showing up at iW page, etc. Thanks.

- Sujewa




Farzad Rostami Delaware Tobacco blog

Farzad Rostami Delaware Tobacco 2 blog

Farzad Rostami Delaware Tobacco 3 blog

Farzad Rostami Delaware Tobacco 4 blog

Farzad Rostami Delaware Tobacco 5 blog

Farzad Rostami – Delaware Small Business Grants page

Farzad Rostami – Delaware Small Business Chamber

Farzad Rostami – Delaware History Trail

Farzad Rostami – Delaware Historical Society

Farzad Rostami – History of Delaware



Why not? Wouldn't it be difficult for readers to subscribe if there isn't a feed?

I'm not sure if I have your feed in one of my folders (I have known the URL for years so don't really depend on the feed as much) but am glad that you've given the advance notice.
The Sujewa said…
it's a new era nicole, low drag is needed to move fast.

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