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The People Speak, Howard Zinn, movie & rock stars open Atlanta Film Festival (with a little help from Amnesty International) this Thu 4/16!

About the event & the film, from the ATLFF website:

"The Opening Night Gala is presented by Turner, and sponsored by Film Finish and Macquarium. VIP Reception hosted by Amnesty International

Based on Howard Zinn’s groundbreaking, best selling books A People’s History of the United States and Voices of a People’s History of the United States chronicled the rich history of dissent in our country, presenting the story of America through the eyes of those rarely heard in mainstream histories. Prior to a speaking engagement at the University of Georgia in 1998, Howard Zinn explained that he had set a goal of starting a "quiet revolution" when writing A People’s History: "Not a revolution in the classical sense of a seizure of power, but rather from people beginning to take power from within the institutions. In the workplace, the workers would take power to control the conditions of their lives.” A People's History, a stubbornly dissident work, has become a major success: it’s sold over a million copies; been adopted into the curriculum of some high schools and colleges; and received the Prix des Amis du Monde Diplomatique.

Told in a series of live readings and reenactments featuring performances by Hollywood A-listers Josh Brolin, Marisa Tomei, Danny Glover, Jasmine Guy, Viggo Mortensen, Kerry Washington, Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, Sandra Oh, Sean Penn, Rosario Dawson, Don Cheadle, and musical performances by Bob Dylan, John Legend, Eddie Vedder, Chris and Rich Robinson, and Bruce Springsteen, this unique film pumps up the volume of Zinn’s “quiet revolution.”

In Attendance For Opening Night Gala*:

Josh Brolin
Eddie Vedder
Michael Ealy
Jasmine Guy
Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes)
Chris Moore
Howard Zinn

Pre-Screening: VIP Reception Hosted by Amnesty International (Must have Premium ticket to attend)

Post-Screening: Opening Night Gala Party at The Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University

More info. here, & come join the festivities.
- Sujewa


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