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We Fun trailer

On to something lighter - check out the trailer for the rock doc We Fun:

Flick is playing at the Atlanta Film Festival this weekend, will try to catch it. More about We Fun, from the ATLFF site:

We Fun is an insider's look at a small group of bands that have come to international prominence in the last year. Atlanta area bands like the Black Lips, Mastodon and Deerhunter that started playing at house parties and offbeat local venues are now playing festivals around the world. It is the story of the Peter Pan syndrome reaching critical mass and the creativity that follows. It is also a portrait of how a scene develops, in this case the Atlanta indie rock scene. It starts as simply with talented musicians who just want to play their music with no compromises, followed by venues that make themselves accessible to new and rising acts, and fans who take ownership and pride in helping to nurture a burgeoning community. Eventually, the rest of the world notices. There is fire, fireworks and still more fire, odd stories from the road, the how and why of performance, and all variety of what these artists call "fun."

ATLFF's page for We Fun.

- Sujewa


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