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Cannes trip & a $10K shopping spree & a chance to hang out with Mr. Spike Lee are top prizes at Best Buy filmmaking contest

I am typing this blog entry on a less than $400 lap top that I bought from Best Buy - I've had it for a few months now (came in very handy when I was apartment hunting in Brooklyn in late '08 & shooting the first half of Brooklyn Fantastic in March), works great (less than $400! brand new laptop). So, since they made it possible for me to have a cheap lap top solution, am glad to help Best Buy out a little by spreading the word re: a filmmaking contest that they are running.

Here's the intro:

"Best Buy is asking consumers to create branded videos through MOFILM U12 – a user generated movie contest hosted by Spike Lee. They are looking for short, creative films showcasing how technology holds great promise, is entertaining, connecting and fuels life passions.

Spike Lee himself will be viewing the top videos so channel your inner-creative genius and get to work. Up for grabs is a $10,000 Best Buy shopping spree, a trip to the Cannes Lions 2009 Advertising Festival and a day on the set of Spike Lee's next production. A $5,000 and $3,500 Best Buy shopping spree will go to the second and third place winners respectively."

More here. Go get involved & try to get yer hands on some Best Buy goodies & the other awesome prizes!

- Sujewa


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