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Friday, May 22, 2009

McG must travel to the past & hire a very good screenwriter & an editor to save us from the current version of Terminator Salvation

The audience I saw Terminator Salvation with in a theater in Silver Spring, Maryland tonight was laughing AT certain scenes & lines spoken by characters in the movie.

So, one of the scariest movies/stories of my younger days has been turned into a confusing & mostly nonsensical accidental comedy in its 4th incarnation.

We need to send McG back in time, to maybe 3 or 4 years ago (whatever point before they started shooting TS).

Here are some of the elements McG & a great/skilled screenwriter & an editor need to work on, as they re-make TS:

- the threat to humanity needs to be less sci-fi/time travel/alternate reality/theoretical whatever. What worked in the original terminator was that AN UNSTOPPABLE ROBOT WAS COMING TO KILL HUMANS.

-- possible ways to achieve this: take the story forward in time - Skynet has given up on trying to use time travel to keep John Conner from being born. Now it is using other methods, unexpected & more sinister methods, to deal with John Conner & the Resistance: how about creating a John Conner look-alike Terminator to mislead the Resistance. Maybe the real John Conner/the human one has to battle crazy odds to put a stop to this.

- if you must use the current send-the-teenage-version-of-your-dad-back-in-time story, MAKE IT SIMPLER - maybe have Skynet reveal to that android who thinks he is human character exactly how the time travel/time manipulation thing is a real threat to humans, a definite threat.

- the humans need to behave in ways that make some realistic sense - like why would a resistance fighter risk her life to save a terminator type person? We need more background on that yo.

- also, what's up with characters who have never met before completing each others ideas/sentences - being aware of each others needs & storylines though such information has never been revealed to them? Is there some sort of a hidden time travel/whatever reality at work in the world of the movie? If so, let us know, sell us on it.

- also, the world of the movie does not make much sense. Why are there massive Resistance air bases with jets & helicopters? Wouldn't Skynet be able to detect planes taking off & landing?

- also, how is destroying one shiny & tall & very visible building going to kill a computer based/electronic intelligence that could live all over the world - in underground computers, in satellites, as invisible signals, whatever. We need to see how & why Skynet is limited (if it is actually limited) to that one big building Conner & friends are trying to take out.

I thought Bale's John Conner did a good job, trying to figure out the various timelines & what things mean. Bale's character seems both sufficiently lost & moving forward determinedly at the same time - as he must, since he knows that what he knows (his mother's tapes, the past) is real. The thing that needs to change is the world that he operates in - a less confusing time travel threat, a less confusing world (for the audience), and a bigger threat from the Terminators/Skynet. So good job on directing Bale well in the present version of TS McG, & good job to Bale for whatever choices he made to keep the Conner character behaving "realistically" in a half-formed world - keep those things in when you re-make TS.

Anyway, good luck with going back in time & fixing TS. If all goes well in the next time line this blog entry will not exist, and I will instead be coming home from the theater going f* yeah!, T4 rocked!

- Sujewa



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Shadow And Act said...

Haha - I'm seeing it this evening... ambivalently, however. It seemed like a completely unnecessary addition to the series, especially since the last one stunk!

I'll be going in with low expectations...


Nicole/madlabpost said...

I would rather go and watch the new Star Trek movie. I didn't have interest in this new Terminator film but it's "The Terminator" so I feel like I have to check it out.

The Sujewa said...

The action scenes are pretty good, as long as you can ignore the plot & dialogue scenes, you'll probably have a good time.



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