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Links to 25 NYC film festivals (soon I'll have links to ALL of the active ones!)

I have a hunch that there may be over 50 film festivals in NYC (and that's almost as many weekends there are in the year), so I started creating a links list. NYC maybe crowded, not as clean or spacious as the suburbs (& the subway is definitely not as clean & smooth like the one in DC) but for someone interested in indie & or other interesting/non-Hollywood/off-Hollywood films & WATCHING THEM ON THE SCREEN, WITH A THEATER FULL OF STRANGERS (or friends) the trade off is pretty great - literally 1000s of interesting movie watching options in this city each year, with dozens (probably) of only-in-NYC screenings happening daily. So here are links to 25 active (meaning a version of the fest is happening in 2009) film festivals in NYC, add more links in comments if you know of some NYC film fest recommendations, & I will try to get this list completed over the weekend:
- Sujewa



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You missed one, I think (I only noticed because I was on Withoutabox earlier today and came across the listing, lol)...The Big Apple Film Festival.

I've been scoping out Urbanworld but their website could use improvement on the user-friendly side because it seems to have some errors but I've been trying to figure out a good film fest to submit my short Doc to this summer.

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